What do we offer?

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Remote switch controlled via internet

Having access to internet from any point of the world, this small box can be remote controlled by any browser.
Of course it can be operated by any clever phone.
A seven digit entry code keeps away intruders.

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GAL programmer

Lattice, National Semiconductor, SGS-Thomson
16V8, 16V8A, 16V8B, 16V8D,
20V8, 20V8A, 20V8B, 20V8D GALs.

Show teletext...
Teletext inserter

A complex solution for cable TV companies to support theirs own Teletext transmission. Built into a standard 19" rack, with an attached editor program running on PC. Several references: Budapest, Várpalota, Nyíregyháza, Temesvár, etc.

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Word generator

Any waveform, edited by the enclosed editor program, can be downloaded to the memory of the equipment. It can run continouosly or in triggered mode.
The stored waveform is not lost even at power down.